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Are you suffering from a personal injury or work-related injury?

Have you been arrested for a DUI, felony or misdemeanor offense?

Have you received a traffic ticket for a moving violation?

For the past fifteen years we, David B. Franks and David N. Rechenberg, have helped ordinary people face extra-ordinary obstacles. 

If you want a lawyer who will fight hard to protect your rights, call us today. We can give you a free audit of your case and answer any questions you may have. We will fight for the compensation you deserve for Personal Injuries or Workers Comp, or defend your rights if you are charged with a Crime or a DUI. 


We will provide you a free face-to-face consultation, and review any paperwork.
We will keep your information confidential.
We will analyze the facts of your case, step by step, and evaluate your situation.
We will advise you of your options, and explain how we will protect your rights.
We will explain the judicial process and guide you through the court system.
We will advise you of your fees and expenses and provide cost-effective legal services.
We will keep you informed, communicate and act in a timely manner.
We will use our best efforts to defend and protect your interests.




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McHenry County Workers Compensation Attorney

8 Steps Involving Getting Your WC Settlement Check After Settling with the Insurance Company


Disclaimer: Legal information contained in this video is not legal advice. We recommend that you consult an attorney for advice on how the law applies to your special circumstances, for assurance that the information provided is accurate, and to ensure that your interpretation of the information is appropriate to your particular situation.

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The Legality of Search and
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This book provides an insider's perspective on best practices for identifying and litigating Fourth Amendment violations in Driving Under the Influence cases. Leading defense attorneys guide the reader through the proper search and seizure procedures and NHTSA standards that law enforcement should follow during the initial stop, investigation, and DUI arrest.

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